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Omniweb features

Always wanted your own Content Management System for your clients?
Omniweb makes it able for you to deliver custom websites for your clients with a complete customizable CMS.


Not dozens of control panels with different passwords. Omniweb has one fancy dashboard to manage all your websites in one overview.

100% whitelabel

You can present Omniweb CMS to your clients as its your own CMS. You can completely adjust Omniweb to fit your branding.

Get your team together

We have tools for designers, developers, content editors and marketeers. You can invite them and work together as a strong team!


We have over 50 modules available that you can install. Expand your website with forms, ads, payments or build an e-commerce website.


This is extremely important! But something you don't have to worry about! This is our part. We keep your websites as secure as possible.

Always up to date

Omniweb is updated daily. So you always have access to the newest features, latest security updates without having to do anything.

This is what the numbers say








Lines of code

About us and our product

We believe in collaboration. A team can always achieve more than one individual.


Let's create something great together!

The value of a Content Management System is the ability to control the content, behaviour and lay-out of your website. There are many CMS platforms available from small SaaS solutions to large open source platforms with huge communities.

So how does it work?

So why do we launch our own CMS? We believe that everybody should have the possibility to launch a professional website for their business. If building websites isn't your core business, for example if you are an SEO or marketing agency, we are going to help you to launch professional websites for your clients including a high-end Content Management System. Let us focus on the technical and security parts so you can focus on your expertise!


Our pricing

Price per website $ 2 /month $ 15 month $ 10 month $ 5 month
Max websites 100 50 100 Unlimited
Number of users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Discount on domains - - 10% 15%
Discount on add-on modules 50% - 15% 30%
Discount on templates 50% - 15% 30%
Custom templates No No Yes Yes
FREE FREE $100 month $400 month

* This is only available during our beta period, but you always

Want to try Omniweb yourself?

Our software is still in beta, but you can try if you want. Your feedback is very valuable for us!

Our blog

Here we inform you about the thing we work on and what features we are about te release.


Our progress so far

We are working so hard, and almost ready to launch!

on 09 May, 2018 / by

Follow our roadmap

We like to think BIG! So let me share our roadmap with you so you know what you can expect.

on 01 May, 2018 / by

Hello! This is Omniweb!

Hello! Let me tell you a little bit about Omniweb and what we are working on.

on 21 Apr, 2018 / by

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Have any questions about Omniweb or just want to tell us something? We love to hear rom you! Don't hasitate to send us a mesage.